SUT Say No Plastic Campaign

On the World Environment Day, 5 June 2018, SUT declared the policy to reduce the use of plastics in all area under the “SUT Say No Plastic” campaign.  There are 6 measures under implementation with the stores operating within SUT campus including,

  1. Not providing single use plastic bags from convenient stores except for hot items.
  2. Stop selling drinking water that uses cap seals.
  3. Stop automatically giving single use spoons-forks-knives-straws and seasoning/sauces with purchase but have them available for the consumers to pick up if required.
  4. Not using Styrofoam and single use clear plastic food containers (use only bagasse and paper based products).
  5. Reduce the use of straws that is packaged in plastic and if necessary use straws with paper packaging instead.
  6. Provide incentives including price reduction if consumers bring their own glass/ cups/mugs and food containers.

The implementation of the 6 activities on reducing the use of paper and plastics was able to reduce the use of paper by 1.78 million pieces/year and reduce the use of plastic by 2.00 million pieces/year which translates to a saving of 450,000 THB/year.

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