Water recycling

The university has a specific pipe network system to collect wastewater from residential, office, and academic zones to its own water recycling plant. These wastewater flows by the gravity and enter into the wastewater recycling plant which is located at the lowest ground level of the campus area as shown in the Figure. Currently the plant can recycle 393,442 cubic meter per year. The quality of the recycled water meets the standard and it is good enough for restroom use and garden sprinkler system through a separate pipe network. The quantity of recycled water used accounts for 31% (393,442 / 1,256,080) of the total water supply.  Recycled water is used for restroom use in 73 buildings or about 60% of total buildings. Recycled water is used in 9 buildings for the garden sprinkler system and it goes through separate pipe network and taps which is used for watering plant in 15 buildings.

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