Prototype facility for oil extraction from plastic wastes

SUT is rigorously carrying waste-to-energy research. It develops a prototype plant for converting plastic waste (RDF-4) into gas using the pyrolysis process. It aims to commercially produce petroleum oil from plastic wastes. SUT’s prototype waste-to-energy conversion system will use plastic waste 5-7 metric tons per day and can produce oil approximately 6,000 liters per day. The plastic waste was brought from the MBT system and refuse derived fuel plant (RDF-4) own by the university, and then made into fuel.

The system operates as follows: The refuse derived fuel RDF-4 will be transported into the kiln and heated with 350-400 degree Celsius by means of steel structure to transfer heat to the refuse derived fuel, whose stage will change from solid to liquid and from liquid to gas. It will then be condensed by using water coolant. Once the process is completed, the product is the mixture fuel, which later will be refined by using the university own prototype commercial oil refinery plant so that it can then be used in engine and machine.

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