Gasification power prototype plant

This gasification power prototype plant uses fixed-bed downdraft gasification technology and use additional heat source from the plasma system. The fuel source of this power plant is refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and the infectious wastes collected from the SUT Hospital. The plant consists of four process, wastes fuel conveyor system, fuel gas production system, fuel gas purifying system, and electricity generation system.

This gasification power prototype plant can control and maintain furnace at a very high temperature which results in high efficient waste elimination. The plasma arc technology works by using the electricity to heat up the air (a mixture of N2 and O2 gas). When the air temperature is at 2,000 degree centigrade, the molecule of gas is broken down to the plasma stage. General wastes and infectious wastes which has a high variety of chemical and physical compounds can be destroyed completely. In the burning process, only 30% quantity of air required in the oxidation reaction is allowed to pump in. The fuel gas is cleanly produced with a good quality. This fuel gas is then sent to the electricity generation process. The production capacity of this power plant is 1 MW.

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